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New Ash Green Eco Hub is a community based initiative which evolved organically as local demand increased for ways to live more sustainably.


The group acts collaboratively and inclusively to find solutions that work within our village.

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There are lots of ways to get involved with the hub. We provide all manner of resources to help you make small changes in your own home, you could suggest a project you'd like us to consider or you could even join the hub and help shape the future of our beloved village yourself.

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Eco-Living Tips

Download the Eco-Living PDF for tips and advice for an eco-friendly lifestyle.

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Browse our recommended websites which will provide even more insight into eco-living and how to take action.


Join our Facebook Community to meet others in the village who are striving for a more eco-friendly lifestyle.


Anyone can come up with an idea for a project and a volunteer then looks into it. The research and a recommendation is fed back to the team to decide whether to progress with the project. Projects generally fall into the categories: energy, food, travel, waste/recycling and nature/wildlife.

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Please fill in our eco survey which will help us assess how eco-friendly the village already is and what we can do to support new eco-friendly intiatives. 

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The Eco Hub is reaching out to all corners of the community - residents, businesses, clubs, pubs, educational and social settings. In order to succeed in creating the sustainable village that we envision, we need everyone to play their part. We are delighted to have the support of so much of the community already.

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