The Core Team

This group of people meets regularly to keep driving the Eco Club forwards and to keep it steering in the right direction. All New Ash Green residents are welcome to join the Core Team. Simply contact us and provide your mobile number to be added to the Whatsapp group. If you want to contribute but don't wish to join the Core Team, you can join and start discussions on the Eco Hub Facebook Group


Laura Manston

I'm a local Web Developer and Campaigner with concerns for environmental and human rights issues. I often get involved with Green Party, Amnesty and Greenpeace campaigns and want to work on a local level to bring together people with shared values and a wish to help protect the environment. 


Barbara Ring

I’ve lived in NAG for over 40 years so have experienced huge changes here. I’m deputy manager in the Oxfam shop so am immersed in recycling/repurposing/waste management etc, alongside gaining insights into the lives of people in many countries living on the edge as climate change radically alters their already compromised way of life. Skills? - logical thinking, giving talks, composing letters, designing posters.


Anne-Louise Broome

Although I’ve been out of the profession for several years, I have a planning policy background.  I had particular policy interest in biodiversity, open spaces, sustainable development, community engagement and housing.  I’d like to live in a more sustainable world and get frustrated with the unwillingness of the powers that be to change the village to bring it up to modern sustainable standards.  We have such potential here to improve our community.


Tara Lucy McDermott

I'm an IT graduate, currently working for Kent fire and rescue, I'm currently doing a course through the United Nations on climate change and how to action it. My skills are that I am a logical thinker and I am passionate about the environment. I volunteered out in Greece helping turtles rehabilitate and hatching and nesting season. I'm very passionate about sustainable living and even debating studying a masters in it.


Emma Shrubb

I've lived here since 2009. I'm a crystal healing and reiki therapist but also work at The Pavilion. It would be wonderful if New Ash Green became as eco friendly as possible and feel with the right influence, support and interest it can and will happen. I'm very much into anything to do with the environment and our natural surroundings and look forward to all this group can do to make this happen.


Melanie Sapiets

I'm a local visionary artist with a studio in the village centre, and a textiles teacher in Sevenoaks. I can see huge potential for NAG to become a regenerative community with localised energy and food resources and a possible blueprint or example for other communities. My skills are around creative thinking, design and craft, and solutions based ideas, and I know some things about permaculture, sustainable communities, healthy living in the body and mind, and nature. I'm so happy to be part of this group.


Ruth Gouge

I have lived in NAG since 1980.  I love living here surrounded by beautiful trees and green areas.  I enjoy gardening and growing my own vegetables, I find nothing is more satisfying than to find vegetables that have matured and to be able to have them to eat, knowing that they are organic.  I would love to help in some way to make NAG more self sufficient and eco friendly. 


Gill Lockett

I have spent all my life working with people in the MET police and nursing. My last job was on the homecare team working with the dying. About 2 weeks ago I woke up in the middle of the night and thought we could be a sustainable village grow our own veg go off grid etc because society is breaking down and we need to be self sufficient. I am a reiki master massage therapist and soul midwife for the dying not obvious skills I know but I’m keen and willing to learn.


Claire Saunders

I've lived in the village for 7 years and I'm 34. I live with my husband and 2 cats. I am trying to do what I can - recycling as much as possible, shopping at the Eco Pantry in Sevenoaks for as many items as possible. I feel like it's never enough, but have to start somewhere? It's good to be able to recycle the cat food pouches at the CoOp now. It frustrates me our council won't give us food waste bins and I don't have a garden to compost.